Mahaparinirvana Train - The Train
In the Mahaparinirvana sutra, the Buddha tells his followers that they can attain merit and a noble rebirth by going on pilgrimage to the places where he was born (Lumbini), gained enlightenment (Bodhgaya), first taught (Sarnath), and attained Nirvana (Kushinagar).
Buddhism, one of the world's great religions, traces back with the life of Siddharth when a curious wandering prince from the small Shakya Kingdom located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, began his quest for the ultimate truth to solve the mystery of existence. He renounced his royal pleasures and meditated beneath the sacred Bodhi tree at Gaya for years before he attained spiritual enlightenment.

Salient Features of buddhist circuit special Tour
Exclusive Train for the Buddhist Circuit Tour : The Buddhist Circuit Special Train is an exclusive air conditioned train for Buddhist circuit destinations and does not carry passenger other than the tourist booked with us for this special tour.
Security on train
Private Security Guards in each coach for constant & close watch to ensure safety of the passengers.
On-board Hygienic Kitchen Car Facility
The passengers can choose from an assortment of sumptuous hot meals (Veg / Non Veg), snacks and cold drinks. Packaged drinking water, tea and coffee are also available to the passengers in ample quantity.
On-board Clean and Hygienic Lavatories and Showers
Convenience of the passengers, clean and hygienic lavatories and showers are provide.
Accommodation in comfortable Hotels of the Buddhist Circuit
Insurance Cover
All passengers are provided with Travel Insurance Cover for the duration of the tour.
Medical Facility
Medical Facility
Language Guide
On sufficient advance information, tour guides of various languages would be provided for sizeable groups.
Other Assistance
Tourists are requested to obtain a proper Visa for visiting Lumbini (Nepal) before arriving in India. However, we can provides assistance in obtaining Visa at the time of entry in Nepal as per extant rules.